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Palazzo Zaguri is a splendid Gothic building from the 1300s and from 2018 is a new cultural center. Exhibitions in 3,000 square meters, 5 floors and 36 salons. On the ground floor there is a large bookshop.

Current exhibitions

From Kandinsky to Botero. All in One Thread

The famous masters Kandinsky, Dalì, Miró, Casorati, Capogrossi, Andy Warhol, Matisse, and more. A great exhibition that goes beyond the painting, beyond the artist.

Authentic Human Bodies. Leonardo da Vinci

From 18 may 2019

For the first time in the world an exhibition with real anatomical findings inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and anatomical studies. An extraordinary and unprecedented journey to discover the human body through the eyes of universal genius.

Coming soon exhibitions


The most complete exhibition in the world with over 50 whole bodies and 450 human organs. A special edition with anatomical findings inspired by Venice.

Venice secrets

The exhibition that reveals the darker, mysterious and cruel side of the history of Venice. Original death instruments never seen before

Casanova back home

A permanent exhibition, a flashback in eighteenth-century Venice with Giacomo Casanova in the house where he lived. History of his life and his era.Palazzo Zaguri: where history becomes reality!

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From 10 am to 8pm (last admission 7 pm)

Campo San Maurizio Venezia

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